Camping in the Whitsundays allows you to stay at the most amazing locations with the best beachfront views in the house and an entire island to yourself! Yes, it is possible to have your cake and eat it too, all without breaking the bank. Set up camp, roll our your sleeping bag and kick back under a dazzling star lit sky on one of the many islands among the Whitsundays. 


Immerse yourself in the natural beauty that Australia has to offer and go camping in the Whitsundays! Witness a tropical sunset, fall asleep to the sound of the ocean with the stars overhead and wake up to the sound of native birds chirping away as the sun rises over the blue horizons. It’s moments like these that leave our travellers with memories that they’ll treasure for a liftime. Get ready to gear up for a camping trip of a lifetime amidst the 74 island wonders in the Whitsundays.






All equipment will be organised and ready for your adventure on board Whitsunday Water Taxi Transfers. Our self-discovery trips are partnered with Whitsunday Water Taxi Transfers. For mainland hire bookings collection or drop off’s can be arranged. Please enquire to organise your mainland booking requirements.

There is ample overnight parking currently available at Shute Harbour, Airlie Beach. There are 2 parking lots available for free usage. A top carpark located at the top of Whitsunday Drive with stairs accessing the main harbour, and a bottom car park located on Shute Harbour Road near the terminal. 

At this stage we do not hav the option to purchase camping equipment. This excludes our sleeping bags as they are only available for purchase.

No. The island campsites are not powered as the environments are completely untouched. It is recommended that you bring along a charged power bank should you need to charge your mobile phone. 

The Whitsunday Islands National Parks campsite facilities consist of natural compost toilets and park benches. 

All guests under the age of 18 years old need to be accompanies by a responsible adult such as a parent or guardian.

All of the campsites within the Whitsunday Islands National Parks are suitable for children.

No. There are designated campsites that are available to use upon booking your camping permit. You will need to display your camping permit tag on your campsite. Here are some things you need to know before you go: Camp & accommodation

There are composting toilets available at most of the island campsites, but there are no showers.

No. Campfires and ash-producing barbecues are not permitted in the National Park camping sites. You will need to bring along a gas or fuel stove for cooking. For your convenience gas stoves can be hired through our Camping Hire page.

No. Pets are not permitted within the Whitsunday Islands National Parks or campsites. 

There are plenty of snorkelling opportunities around the Whitsundays. You can plan your trip here.

Whitsunday Water Taxi Transfers is the easiest, most affordable and quickest boat ride to your island destination. Bookings are essential for all transfers. Whitsunday Water Taxi Transfers Departs from Shute Harbour, Airlie Beach.

No, generators are not permitted within the National Parks of the Whitsundays.

No. There are no fresh water facilities within the National Park camping sites. We recommend bringing along at least 5 litres of water per person, per day for drinking, cooking, washing and bathing.

All rubbish needs to be disposed on the mainland. We take every precaution to maintain the pristine environments of our National Parks in the Whitsundays. 



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